What Our Clients Are Saying

Flower Shop Weddings

Dan helped me with my website and was SO helpful and understanding of my inability of techno. We still checks in, and continually works on SEO. So glad that he was available to help me!

Dana Hess


RetroRide TearDrop Campers

My website was running very bad. If I came up on the 10th page of Google it was a miracle. I had some people look at it with no improvement. I was looking through the web one day, looking for someone to help and ran across Dan. I gave him a call and Dan told me the same things others told me, ‘Oh I can fix that, just give me a week.’ A few calls back and forth and a week later, I now come up on page 1 or 2 in Google. He was the best thing that ever looked at my web site and the cost was very reasonable. Thanks Dan!

Blake Johnston


Foreign Automotive LLC

Dan has been taking care of my web site for a number of years now and I have always been pleased with his professionalism and knowledge. He has always been on top of things that need attention. I would recommend Dan to anyone.

Michael Manicke


Why Choose Apex SEO Company?

  • All Services Performed In-House – Unlike some of our competitors, we do not outsource any of our SEO services to anyone.
  • Full Reports & Transparency – You will receive any and all information we have to give you about your website and its SEO status.
  • No BS – We are White Hat SEO specialists which means any and all attempts to boost traffic or increase your brand awareness will be made ethically, with no tricks.