The Crucial First SEO Step to Online Success

Keyword Research is the process of researching the search terms people in your target market are using to find businesses like yours. Before you try to write any new content for your website, make sure that you have a list of optimal keywords on hand.

Using specific tools and marketing demographics, we dive deep into your local market(s) to find out how people are looking for products & services like yours. We compile all of our findings into a spreadsheet & initial report designed to help you interpret our findings.

What Do I Get?

Master Keyword Spreadsheet
The extensive keyword research we perform is consolidated to a spreadsheet that includes a lot of must-have information including short-tail & long-tail keyword phrases, monthly search volumes, average price-per-click (PPC), and overall keyword difficulty.

What Can I Do With The List?

PPC Campaigns OR Write Quality Content
You now have the “key”-words to your success, now it’s all a matter of how you use them! Google won’t just look at how many times you’ve used each phrase; it’s far more complex than that. The goal is to write engaging content that sells your product/service well.
You know, you can always hire us to write unique content for your business as well.
Professional Keyword Research & Implementation

If you’re looking for the “keys” to your online success, look no further and contact us today for a free initial consultation.