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What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising consists of those “Ads” you see at the top, bottom and sometimes the sidebar of any given Google search result. These ads promote a current sale, product or service based on the keywords you entered in to the search field on Google.

The catch to PPC is you must pay for every click someone makes on your ad, regardless if that person followed through and purchased the product or service.

The key to PPC campaign success is to create an advertisement plus a quality landing page to reach the most amount of people, sell a quality product/service, and entice them to go forward and make their purchase.

Google AdWords PPC Campaigns in Wisconsin

Why PPC Is Important

  1. PPC Converts Better – PPC traffic converts about 50% better than organic. Organic traffic is when a person searching for a particular keyword finds your website in the search results, and clicks through to read what you have to offer.
  2. Better Sales Leads50% of people who click on a PPC ad end up phoning the advertiser for more information. You have a better chance to seal the deal once a new potential customer calls!
  3. Strong Ads Get More Clicks – Top-performing ads on the Google Adwords network get, on average, 41% more clicks than their competitors. Apex SEO Company knows how to make great ads that convert and generating more business.

How PPC and SEO Work Together

Before you can compare SEO to PPC, or PPC to SEO, you must first contrast them.

SEO focuses on long-term gains in search rank position, increased online reputation, quality content, and overall viability. The goal of SEO is to gain you direct, organic, referral, and social media traffic that doesn’t cost you a single penny – except for the initial payment for the SEO services rendered.

PPC focuses on selling a product, service or a brand to gain the organization more immediate gains in traffic, sales leads, and completed conversions. PPC is a recurring monthly cost, but you aren’t locked in to a budget requirement or stuck with certain keywords. Those items can be changed at any time.

SEO + PPC = Online Success

When you combine our SEO Services & PPC together, you get the best of both worlds. You’ll get long-term results from SEO with immediate results from your PPC campaign!

Note: PPC is generally not recommended if your SEO status is poor. Apex SEO Company offers one free website analysis ($250 value!) to all new PPC & SEO customers so you’ll know exactly where to start to make your website your #1 sales tool!


Fixed Monthly Rate for budget allotments under $3,000/month
Percentage-based Monthly Rate for budget allotments exceeding $3,000/month

If you’re looking for a boost in brand awareness & sales leads, our Google AdWords PPC campaigns are just what you’re looking for!